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Hey, you’ve already done the hard work of writing that novel, right? I know how difficult that is, I am an author myself. You slave over your work in progress for months on end, writing, rewriting, editing, and the last thing you want to have to do is format it yourself for publication.

Because you’re a writer, right? And if there’s one thing that writers do, it’s write.

Now, I know, I’ve been there, faced with a finished manuscript with no idea of how to convert it into an ebook file. The first time I did it, I manually inserted all the HTML tags into my Word document. It took forever and it was a nightmare. The worst part of all? I put them in the wrong place, and when I tried to view it in a web browser, all I got was my typescript with all the HTML tags plainly visible.

You can bet I swore like a gangster in a Martin Scorsese movie that day. Since then I have published NINE novels and one book of short stories, and I have formatted them all myself.And I will do a similar for you, too.

As an author I know that not only money, but time can be tight too. We’ve all got families and lives to lead, and some of us have full or part time jobs to keep the wolf from the door while we work on creating our books. Who has got the time to learn ebook formatting? To find out the difference between a .mobi, an epub, or a KF8 file?

But then you look at outsourcing the work for formatting your book and you see some of the prices out there, and you think Hold the horses, Horace!
No? That’s just me then.
Seriously, some people charge a ridiculous price for formatting services. Maybe they see it as an easy option, a get rich quick scheme.

Not me. I want to see you get your book out there, on Amazon, on Kobo, Nook, iBooks. And I want to see you basking in the warm, satisfied glow of knowing that you have not only written a book, but you published it too, by God!
But along with all that I want you to be able to afford it.

So hey, if you’ve read this far and you want to know more, just follow the link and I’ll see you there.i

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amazon kindle book formatting pricings

For the prices quoted below you will receive three files: a .mobi file to upload to Amazon, an ePub file for everybody else, and a PDF.

My turnaround time is 48 hours, but most of the time I will get the work back to you within 24 hours. Revisions are allowed at no extra cost, unless people start getting silly and then I might have to charge.

£25/$35 – Up to 40,000 Words
£35/$50 – Up to 80,000 Words
£45/$$65 – Up to 140,000 Words
Over 140,000 Words? You’ve obviously written War and Peace.
You need to get in touch and we’ll talk.

Ebook formatting comfortable reading

PDF for Createspace
£50/$70 – Print ready PDF for Createspace
Both ebook and print PDF on the same order
Cost of ebook + £25/$35
Submit your amazing work of fiction using the form below.
Payment due on receipt of your file by Paypal or Bank Transfer. Details will be sent to you in the invoice.

Terms and Conditions

The contract
Payment is due inside fourteen days of receipt of the invoice. There are no refunds on completed work.

Copyright and ownership
The client retains sole copyright and ownership of all materials submitted to Kindle Book Formatting for eBook formatting and conversion, and of the files produced and delivered to the client by Kindle Book Formatting when the work is completed.

Plagiarism and breach of copyright
If, after the commencement of a contract, Kindle Book Formatting discovers that the client has plagiarised another’s work or infringed the copyright of another author, work will cease and the contract will be terminated.

Unsuitable or misleading material
Kindle Book Formatting reserves the right to refuse to eformat any document that is that's denigrative, sexy, or aims to incite discrimination.

Kindle Book Formatting is not responsible for the opinions expressed or for any inaccurate or misleading information contained within client documents.

Kindle Book Formatting isn't chargeable for damages, together with lost revenues, loss of business, or loss of knowledge associated with these services.

Kindle Book Formatting isn't accountable for issues outside its management like server or net services being briefly unprocurable.



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